12141543_1063973053636059_7684783975200883757_n.jpgTREE OF LIFE FARM AT SINSINAWA MOUND

Z 585 Sinsinawa Rd, Sinsinawa WI 53824

The values of truth, justice, compassion, partnership, and community are guiding the Dominican Sisters of Sinsinawa Mound as they begin process of land succession for their 200 acres of organic farmland 10 minutes from downtown Dubuque.  Meet Marc Millitzer, of Tree of Life Organic Farm (Cuba City, WI) who’s currently growing 12 acres of vegetables at Sinsinawa, and learn about their future plans for a collaborative farm for new and aspiring  farmers.


  • See how vegetables are grown & harvested for #FarmtoSchool Month Farmer Marc will demonstrate how small machinery is utilized to harvest organic carrots for school lunch.
  • Meet Southwest Badger RC&D and learn about the emerging beginning graziers program #GrassfedBeef Robert.
  • Honey Bees Visit the Mound’s orchard and check out the honey bee hives.
  • FOR KIDS: Activity Christin Tomy.


  • Fresh peppers & carrots with Hummus

Check out the Tree of Life’s websiteFacebook and the Sinsinawa Dominican Sisters’s Facebook.